I’ve always struggled with procrastination. That and ADHD make it very hard to not only start a task/goal but to keep at it. So it’s a funny feeling to have this crescendo of internal nagging and yelling at myself because I haven’t posted in a couple of days.

I don’t intend to write much other than an update, though. I think I am having a flare up which is whatever, but it’s annoying. Lymph nodes are swollen, hair loss is picking up again, nausea, etc etc etc. I plan on making a post about some of the emotional shit that chronic illness thrusts upon a person, soon.
I have been doing fairly well keeping up with regular exercise. I even added some running/jogging for a few houses along the way when I go for walks with just my dogs if my son isn’t home. It’s liberating. And I’m getting reacquainted with my body, which is pretty awesome.
My Love is here for a few days before starting a new job (over the road truck driving) on Monday. Taking him to the airport on Sunday so we’re taking advantage of the time right now. Well, as much as we can with however many spoons I have, ha.

Anyway, I’m still reading the same books; more are on their way in (thank you fellow tribe members who gave me gift cards!) so I’m trying to get through them and will likely be done with at least two in the next couple of days. I’m half way or more through all of them. I also started watching Game of Thrones finally. So…we’ll see what does or doesn’t get done. I don’t binge watch, much less watch much TV anyway, though.

Okay, it’s almost dinner time.